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Pre-sale: Brand Products sold in the offer description: Free design Free installation guide (VIP customers first) sale: two-year warranty Lifetime warranty maintenance 
Warranty service:
1, the product from the date of purchase within twelve months, if the issues of product quality problems caused by any failure, we will give guidance or free home repair and replacement parts.
2, the repaired product in the remaining warranty period, or from the date of repair within 90 days will continue to enjoy these services.
3, the warranty period, such as failure, we are happy to repair and replacement parts, free time charge only the cost of fees charged parts.
4, when you use this product failure can not be solved, please promptly contact the regional head of the ancient light, we will serve you as soon as possible, ensure that you normally use.
Solemnly tips:
A, the following conditions are not within the factory warranty
 1, because the product is not installed correctly, non-normal use and other causes of damage;
 2, can not produce a valid purchase receipt;
 3, without factory authorization to disassemble the product repair, modification and damage caused.
B, the Company does not undertake, nor authorized service center for its commitment to anything beyond this limited warranty in the
other responsibilities and obligations indicated